World’s Largest Evaporator Transportation

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Dongbang Transport Logistics

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World’s Largest Evaporator Transportation


Seoul, South Korea


April 2014

World’s Largest Evaporator Transportation

Korea’s Dongbang Transport Logistics has transported a 137.9 m x 32.1 m x 11.4 m evaporator weighing 5,736.8 tons to the Yanbu 3 Desalination Plant in Saudi Arabia; transportation is setting the current world record for the world’s largest evaporator transportation.

The shipping distance reached 5,570 nm (10,315,64 km) from Dung Quat, Vietnam to Saudi Arabia through the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Arab Sea, and Aden Bay.

Centered on its excellent expertise and autonomous engineering, Dongbang carried out all transport processes separately, such as overland transport from the Evaporator factory to the shipping port and maritime transport from the shipping port to the destination, using Self- Machine Transporter (SPMT), Dongbang inland transport equipment and a vessel (Self- Transporter)

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd., with the world’s highest evaporator technology, developed in 2014 a total of four units of the world’s largest evaporator (length: 138.29 m; width: 33.25 m; height: 11.8 m). The overland and marine delivery of all these four Evaporator systems was completed by Dongbang.

The evaporator unit is capable of generating 91,000 tons of potable water every day, a amount that is enough for 300,000 people to drink, making it the world’s largest unit capacity. The evaporator is now the largest in size in the world, measuring 123 meters in length, 33.7 meters long and weighing 4,150 tonnes. Transporting the inland evaporator alone would require 30 tractor- with a minimum of 627 wheels combined.

Dongbang used its SPB (a self- ship solely for heavy- freight use; hereinafter designated “DBG3”) to carry this gear. Nevertheless, as DGB3 was a 15,000 dwt ship with a length of 152.2 m and a width of 38 m for the exclusive use of heavy- freight, it turned out that the length of the deck (125.5 m) which can load the machinery was shorter than the length (138.29 m) of the Evaporator.

After evaluating the ship’s protection by skilled engineering, Dongbang agreed to temporarily lengthen the ship’s stern by 16 m to fill the Evaporator, and converted the ship in China. The ship was lengthened from 125.5 meters to 141.5 metres. Dongbang’s decision to transform such a huge ship was a very tough one, but this presented Dongbang with an outstanding chance to increase its shipping capacity one level further and improve client satisfaction.

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