Record policies

WTO Records has strict record policies that must be clung to for all our Record Breaking Achievements. We evaluate all-new record titles with integrity, respect, comprehensiveness, and enthusiasm and it is important to us that every one of our records reflects this. Please find details of our policies.


WTO WORLD Records do not accept any records which could cause potential harm or danger to anyone.


WTO WORLD Records don’t monitor any records for excessive eating. All our eating record limited to small quantity to eat and short span of time.

Liquor Banned Drugs

WTO WORLD Records don’t accept any record including the utilization of liquor and restricted medications as a feature of drinking challenges speed drinking, utilization of prohibited stamina medications or caffeinated drinks for incitement.


WTO WORLD Records won’t acknowledge applications or makes new record titles that are identified with the utilization, planning or use or tobacco or nicotine items.

Criminal operations

WTO WORLD Records won’t embrace or allow illegal exercises for record-breaking.

Under 16s

It isn’t allowed for people younger than 18 to attempt the records which are considered unsuitable for them. Anybody younger than 18 must give consent from their parent/guardian to attempt the record.

Creature Protection

WTO WORLD Records do not accept the record that can potentially endanger or harm animals. This includes any records in which the animals would have to be put to greater stress or in danger to achieve a new record.


WTO World Records don not accept records which include any therapeutic testing records in which skin being penetrated, or an assessment wherein a gadget enters the body part what is sensible. This incorporates any tests which require a needle; or an internal physical assessment.


WTO WORLD Records titles are available to anyone irrespective of their level of ability.

Qualified by Age

WTO WORLD Records attempts include a variety of activities that can attempt by different age group.

Voluntary Participation

The principle of voluntary participation requires that people must not be compelled to participate in a record attempt. Participants at WTO World Records events must take part of their own free will. Organizers must ensure that all participants are full informed about the record they are taking part in.


WTO WORLD Records won’t process inappropriate or offensive applications.

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