Most plastic waste donated in a day

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WICASA, Vadodara

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Most plastic waste donated in a day


Vadodara, Gujarat


14 August 2021

Most plastic waste donated in a day

The title is achieved by WICASA Vadodara on 14 August 2021 at Vadodara, Gujarat (India). The total waste donated is 200kg. The event promotes the importance of “upcycling” plastic rather than “recycling”.The collection is part of an ecological Plastic upcycling, which features many other homes built from the same discarded materials.

Plastic Waste Recovery is an important component of waste management as it decreases waste volume and keeps landfills from being overburdened. Keeping as a multi-faceted approach Western India Chartered Accountants Students Association (WICASA), Vadodara organized an event to raise awareness towards use of plastic and also reusing of plastic items instead of tossing them.

Mr. Mihir Brahmbhatt, CEO of World Talent Organization, USA were extremely proud to personally award the World Record for the most amount of plastic waste donated in a day to WICASA, Vadodara.

The collected Plastic Waste will be up cycled to transform waste to Bricks and more plastic products & Funds generated from this will be used to support to those students who experience certain untoward happenings in their lives.

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