Largest hair on a teenager

Record Holder

Nilanshi Patel


Largest hair on a teenager


Aarvali, Gujarat, India

Nilanshi Patel from Gujarat Sets WTO Book Of World Record for Longest Teenage Hair

Nilanshi Patel

Nilanshi Patel, an 18-year-old girl from Aarvali, Gujarat, India, has achieved a remarkable feat by setting a new World Record for having the longest hair on a teenager. Her hair measures an incredible 200 cm (6 ft 8 in) in length, surpassing the previous record of 170.5 cm held by a Chinese girl named Xie Qiuping. Nilanshi’s dedication, commitment, and remarkable hair care routine have not only made her a record-breaker but also an inspiration to many around the world.

The Journey of Nilanshi Patel

Nilanshi Patel’s journey towards achieving the longest teenage hair record began over 12 years ago when she made the decision not to cut her hair. Her commitment and perseverance have allowed her hair to grow to astonishing lengths, captivating the attention of people worldwide. Nilanshi’s hair care routine, combined with her disciplined approach, has contributed to the overall health and length of her hair.

Hair Care Routine

Nilanshi Patel’s hair care routine is a key factor in maintaining the health and length of her extraordinary hair. She follows a strict regimen that involves several important steps:

  1. Limited Hair Washing: Nilanshi washes her hair only once a week. This infrequent washing helps to retain the natural oils and prevent excessive drying, which can lead to hair breakage.
  2. Homemade Shampoo: Instead of using commercial shampoos that may contain harsh chemicals, Nilanshi opts for a homemade shampoo made from natural ingredients. This gentle alternative ensures that her hair remains healthy and free from harmful substances.
  3. Avoidance of Heat Styling Tools: Heat styling tools, such as curling irons and straighteners, can cause significant damage to the hair. Nilanshi avoids using these tools altogether to minimize the risk of hair breakage and split ends.
  4. Nutritious Diet: A balanced and nutritious diet plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of the hair. Nilanshi ensures she consumes a variety of vitamins, minerals, and proteins that promote hair growth and strength.


Recognition by the World Talent Organization USA

The World Talent Organization USA has officially recognized Nilanshi Patel’s incredible achievement in the World Record achiever category. This recognition showcases her talent, dedication, and perseverance in maintaining the longest teenage hair. Nilanshi’s accomplishment has brought immense pride and honor to her family, community, and the nation as a whole.

Nilanshi’s Selflessness

While Nilanshi Patel’s remarkable hair has garnered significant attention and admiration, it is her selflessness that truly sets her apart. Despite her record-breaking achievement, Nilanshi remains humble and down-to-earth. She uses her platform to inspire others, particularly young girls, to embrace their unique qualities and follow their dreams. Nilanshi’s selflessness shines through as she encourages others to strive for greatness and make a positive impact in the world.


Nilanshi Patel’s incredible achievement of setting a new World Record for having the longest hair on a teenager is a testament to her dedication, commitment, and passion. Her remarkable hair care routine and selfless nature have made her an inspiration to many worldwide. Nilanshi’s story serves as a reminder to embrace our unique qualities, pursue our dreams, and make a positive impact in the world.


How old is Nilanshi Patel?

Nilanshi Patel is 18 years old.

Where is Nilanshi Patel from?

Nilanshi Patel is from Aarvali, Gujarat, India.

What is the length of Nilanshi Patel's hair?

Nilanshi Patel’s hair measures an incredible 200 cm (6 ft 8 in) in length.

Whose record did Nilanshi Patel break?

Nilanshi Patel broke the previous record of 170.5 cm held by a Chinese girl named Xie Qiuping.

How long has Nilanshi Patel not cut her hair?

Nilanshi Patel has not cut her hair for over 12 years.

What is Nilanshi Patel's hair care routine?

Nilanshi Patel follows a strict hair care routine that includes washing her hair once a week with a homemade shampoo, avoiding heat styling tools, and maintaining a nutritious diet.


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