Record Holder

Charvi Dora


Youngest to read the maximum number of books


Surat, Gujarat, India


20 November 2020

Charvi Dora

Charvi Dora, 11, has read more books than anyone at this very small age. She began reading at 7 and continuing since then. Her rapacious reading habits and great support from her family have earned her the title World’s Youngest to read the maximum number of books. Her parents were great readers and she too always loved books, since then she hooked with anything that got her on her hands.

She not just only read the books but also encourages other children to put aside the gaming gadgets, television and make book their best friends. Anything achieved in life is worth achieving if it is at a young age. Future depends on young kids and whenever someone in any part of the world does something amazing and deserving, World Talent Organization felicitates them under Kid’s world record category. This shows that a child is likely to rise, evolving into a global citizen in the near future.

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