Jyoti Dora


Jyoti Dora – the founder of Readers Adda


Gujarat, India.

Kids who read more, do better in school. With an innovative idea, Jyoti Dora established Readers Adda to bring children to interact closer to books and induce them a positive habit to read and learn more that minimizes kids away from modern gadgets.

Ms. Jyoti Dora, the founder of Readers Adda, is a certified storyteller, certified NLP Practitioner from The National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NFNLP) –  USA, Certified Transformation Coach, and holds a degree in Master of Human Resource Development (MHRD). She has also been an Educator in Language and Literature with Galaxy International School and has diverse and rich experience in Customer Empathy and Delight, Sales, and Marketing at corporate companies such as Idea, PepsiCo, British Broadband, and ABN AMRO Bank.

With Readers Adda, Jyoti decided to contribute to society by shaping young minds, by helping them get rid of the passive and time-wasting addiction to gadgets, and enabling a positive habit of Reading, which shall enrich the children and impact their future in an irreversibly affirmative manner.

With Readers Adda, Jyoti decided to encourage the constructive habit of reading which would enhance children and young generation to have a permanent positive influence for their upcoming future. She also helps parents figure out what kind of atmosphere they should create for their children.

Amid Covid-19 pandemic, Jyoti conducted numbers of sessions, spreading awareness on the benefits of reading and reaching out to children in every part of India and even visited slum areas to aware about reading. For her noteworthy contribution bringing everyone under one roof, Jyoti Dora was recently awarded certification by World Talent Organization, USA under the category of Most Inspiring Human.

Jyoti, with her more than 20 years of expertise, is dedicated to educating people and thereby, constantly delivering reshaping society.

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