Dr. Jigeesha Jatinbhai Sheth

Dr. Jigeesha Jatinbhai Sheth


Dr. Jigeesha Jatinbhai Sheth – Mayor of Vadodara City


Gujarat, India.

Dr. Jigeesha Sheth: Pioneering Women’s Empowerment from Small Town to City Mayor

In the realm of women’s empowerment, the journey of Dr. Jigeesha Sheth stands as a remarkable testament to the strides that women have taken in recent times. With the global focus on elevating women’s social and health status, Dr. Sheth’s story exemplifies the transformative power of empowerment, particularly in the realm of leadership. From a small town to becoming the 57th Mayor of Vadodara City, her journey has been one of resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to making a difference.


Empowerment and Contribution

The discourse surrounding women’s empowerment has gained momentum at both national and international levels. Empowered women are not only driving progress within their communities but also significantly contributing to the development of entire nations. Dr. Jigeesha Sheth’s journey serves as a poignant illustration of this phenomenon. With a post-graduate degree in Anesthesia, she entered the political arena and ascended to the position of the 57th Mayor of Vadodara City, the third woman to hold this prestigious position. Her leadership is marked by a dedication to serving her community and contributing to the overall betterment of society.


A Journey of Leadership

Dr. Sheth’s trajectory in leadership began with her role as a Municipal Councillor of Ward No.8 in the Sayajiganj Assembly. Her tenure from 2015 to 2020 saw her actively engage in the dynamics of local governance, making a tangible impact on her constituents’ lives. Notably, she also served as the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (V.M.C) for a period of 2.5 years, showcasing her ability to navigate complex administrative responsibilities.


Advocacy and Representation

Dr. Sheth’s journey is intertwined with the evolution of women’s representation in the political landscape. The 74th Constitutional Amendment Act of 1993 paved the way for greater women’s participation in Urban Local Bodies (ULB) and city governance. Dr. Sheth’s inclusion in the corporation as a result of the 33% reservation for women under this amendment underscores the transformative impact of this legislative step. She exemplifies how women can transition from being mere service providers to wielding substantial decision-making power within the city’s administrative framework.


An Inspirational Role Model

Dr. Jigeesha Sheth’s journey is an inspiring narrative of balancing family life with professional commitments. Her multifaceted roles – from a care provider to a dedicated Mayor – depict the possibilities that can be achieved through determination and hard work. Throughout her career, she has not only held significant positions in various committees and boards but has also contributed to the betterment of her community through involvement in healthcare institutions, social councils, and handicapped societies.



In an era where women’s empowerment is a cornerstone of societal progress, Dr. Jigeesha Sheth’s journey exemplifies the potential of determined individuals to rise above limitations and make a significant impact. Her ascent from a small town to becoming the Mayor of Vadodara City stands as a testament to the power of women’s leadership and the transformative impact of their involvement in governance. Dr. Sheth’s story is one that resonates with aspiring women leaders, offering a shining example of empowerment and contribution in a world hungry for positive change.

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