Abhesinh Rathod

Gujarati Folk Singer


Abhesinh Rathod


Gujarat, India

World’s Amazing Talent

Gujarati Folk Singer

Folk singer Shri Abhesinh Rathod, who made Gujarat famous all over the world and whose own name is taken with great respect and politeness in the world of folk literature and folk art culture, has done a great job of conveying the folk songs of Gujarat to the whole world.

Abhesinh Rathod has a personality of very distinctive and nobleman, one of the famous folk music artist in the industry of Gujarati music. Abhesinh, has an amazing talent, sympathy, grace and extreme compassion in his heart, who always seeks to find the best voice and admires the melody of other singer. He is one of the few scholar who has memorized the whole literature of Zaverchand Kalidas Meghani, the Raashtreeya Shaayar,Indian poet, writer, social reformer and freedom fighter

Abhesinh has been awarded with Glory of Gujarat Award in 2019. History will always remember the loud voice of Abhesinh Rathod for such a benevolent deed for the folk art and education of Gujarat.

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