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Dear Mihir Brahmbhatt

World Talent Organization, USA is doing appreciable work for recognizing talent at global level.

Thank you for acknowledging our socio-cultural, welfare and spiritual services towards society and recognizing our services at world level platform.

I personally feel proud that World Talent Organization, USA has noticed and appreciated various Spiritual and Social Activities performed by our Organization, Tirth Dham Sardhar. I am grateful to you for considering our work worthy of this global appreciation with the Titles, Lightest Religious Book “Shikshapatri”, Most number of Pages in an Invitation Card and Longest Online Religious Assembly. You not only came to our organization but you very graciously and generously granted us such titles it was an exemplary act done by you. I and my Saint Mandal are very happy for your giving. We are brimmed with gratification and will pray for your success.

I wish you manifestation of all your best intentions; strength in your struggle and we take our immense pleaser to appreciate your organization’s skill and future events. We pray to lord Shree Swaminarayan that every day inspire you to grow.

Param Pujaya Sadguru Swami Shree Nityaswarupdasji

Shree Swaminarayan Temple – SardharDham.

Swami Shree Nityaswarupdasji
Shree Swaminarayan Temple - SardharDham
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