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Why Applications are Rejected

Our team guide you with Guide to Evidence for processing of the Application claim. Following are the list of the reasons why application are rejected and not accepted by World Talent Organization.

Why Applications are rejected

Insufficient description: the information of the applications for a review is not adequate.

Criteria not fulfilled: the list is, for instance, unstandardizable.

No standard format: In 10 minutes for example, the recommended time frame is not monitored for most tricks. In 1 minute, 3 min or 1 hour, WTO World Records monitors records. ⠀

Data and historical documents: they are provided by professional consults and organisations and we do not accept any constructive requests for these data.

Alcohol consumption: WTO World Records do not considers applications for records involving the rapid consumption of alcohol.

Animal eating and releases: We do not monitor any record involving animals eating or being released.

Animal Protection: WTO World Records does not monitor any record that can be harmful to animals.

Environmental Records – Records that have an environmental impact are not accepted.

Hunger strike: This is an aspect we have to control too sensitively and hardly.We donot accept application for hunger strike.

Freckles: moles, birthmarks and freckles are all of different dimension or width and are thus not right enough to list them separately or to measure their length.

High scoring players: high scoring rates are not tracked by WTO World Records strictly for videogames.

Listening Music: We do not accept application for this category.

The oldest person with a disease / condition / injury  – WTO World Records unable to track history dependent on’ the elderly individual with a disorder, syndrome or disability ‘.

Speeding on Public Roads – We do not consider record attempts on a public road in a motorized vehicle. The only exception to this policy is if the paths used are expressly restricted for the purposes. ⠀

Operations and experimental medical tests:  WTO World Records do not monitor any operations or medical tests performed in a short span.

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