World Amazing Restaurant

The World Talent Organization is a specialized international organization for promoting talent at the global level. The World Amazing Restaurant is one the certification category of WTO aims to recognize restaurants which inspires excellence, ignites healthy competition in the restaurant industry, and provides restaurants with the recognition they deserve.

Application Form



Business Overview

(All Business Overview questions in Annexure-2 are to be answered sequentially and point-wise.)


  • A snapshot of the restuatant,the key attribute so fits operations, and the key challenges; and
  • Used by the Assessors and Jury at all stages of application review,including the site visit,if any required.

Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality

  • Names of applicants, commentary and scoring information developed for review of applications are regarded as proprietary, and are kept confidential. Such information is available only to individuals directly involved in the assessment and administrative processes.
  • World Talent Organization (WTO) will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that applications and the information provided therein are treated in strict confidence. However, in no way WTO can be held responsible for any loss of confidentiality to a third party, nor held liable for any damage (to goods or persons) or financial loss incurred through the breach of confidentiality or otherwise by the applicants or any third party.
  • World Talent Organization reservestheright,sub sequent to the Award Presentation,to publishsalient details of the Innovative methods/processes/Improvement initiatives/Schemes of the reatuarant, for the purpose of sharing of knowledge to raise the general industry standards.

Organizational Description

    • Full Name of Applicant Restaurant
    • Ownership
    • Year of Establishment (of the applicant unit and not of parent company)
    • Location
    • Organization’s main products/services
    • Annual Turnover/Net Sales and Net Revenue
    • Total Number of employees (of the applicant unit and not of parent company)
    • Name of Parent Organization (if applicable)*
    • Is the organization listed in any stock exchange? If yes, please give the Name(s) of StockExchange(s)
    • VISION,MISSION and VALUES of the organization
    • Have you adopted any International Integrated Reporting System (IIRS) in the organization?Attach a copy of your latest report. In case you are not following the IIRS then specify thereporting systemyouare following(Attachacopy)
    • Indicate if the applicant is certified to ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 / OHSAS 18001 / ISO45001/SA 8000/others.Attacha copy of the certificate(s)
*If the applicant is an independent self-accounting subsidiary or a unit of a larger company, a brief description should begiven of the organizational relationship to the‘parent’organization.Briefly describe how the applicant’s products and services relate to those of the parent and/or other units of the parent organization.

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