Procedure to set or break the Record

The first step for any successful World Record title holder in World Talent Organization is their application. All the details needed to complete your own application is provided  in Steps as follows-

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Step I: Explore the world records database and acquaint yourself with our record breaking criteria and policies.

Step II
Register for an Account. You will receive an email with an activation link. Click on the link, and you will be brought to a dashboard page.

Step III
Click on the ‘Apply for the Record’ button. Complete the Application form.

Step IV

Once you have submitted your Application, our Records Management Team will review the application. If we find your record claim acceptable, we will provide you Record Guidelines via online account, as well as the Guide to Your Evidence.

Step V

Understand the requirements and evidence needed for the record attempt. You will have access to a GUIDE TO YOUR EVIDENCE document, which will explain in details how to get your world record attempt verified. Many attempts are rejected because the rules have not been followed correctly.

Step VI

Submit your evidence and all other required documents. You can fast track your application by purchasing a Preferred Application service which is quick, easy and highly responsive.

Step VII

If you are successful, congratulations – you will receive an official WTO World Record certificate.

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