Helly and Chilly-Breaking Records and Making History in Brampton Canada

Helly and Chilly-Breaking Records and Making History in Brampton Canada

On the 15th of July 2023, a momentous event took place in Brampton, Canada, as “Helly and Chilly,” the dynamic duo behind Mawtar Inc., achieved their fourth world record. With great pride and exceptional talent, they crafted an awe-inspiring burger that weighed a whopping 156 kilograms and measured an impressive 100cm x 100cm in diameter. But this was no ordinary burger; they also inscribed their names on it, cementing their position in history by setting the world record for the largest named burger ever created.

The Rise of “Helly and Chilly”

A Tale of Ambition and Creativity
“Helly and Chilly” are the brainchild of Mr. Devarshi Balakrishna Patel and Mr. Jainen Jigneshbhai Patel, both residents of Canada. They are the founders and directors of Mawtar Inc., an innovative and dynamic company known for pushing the boundaries of culinary achievements. Their journey to fame started with a simple dream – to create something extraordinary that would leave a mark on the world.

The Spirit of Innovation

Driven by an unwavering spirit of innovation, “Helly and Chilly” embarked on a culinary adventure that was destined to make history. Their determination and passion for creating something unique were evident in every step they took.

A World of Records

From the beginning, “Helly and Chilly” set their sights on breaking records. Their first foray into the world of record-breaking was met with resounding success when they crafted the world’s spiciest pizza, a feat that earned them recognition and respect in the culinary community.

Conquering New Frontiers

Buoyed by their initial success, “Helly and Chilly” were not content to rest on their laurels. They set out to conquer new frontiers and attempted their second record – the world’s largest ice cream sundae, an endeavor that delighted both the young and the young at heart.

A Trail of Accomplishments

With two records already under their belt, “Helly and Chilly” didn’t slow down. Their pursuit of excellence led them to set their third-world record – the longest line of sandwiches. This achievement showcased not only their culinary prowess but also their ability to bring communities together.

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The Journey to the Fourth World Record

Setting the Stage
Preparations for their latest endeavor began several months before the record-breaking event. “Helly and Chilly” left no stone unturned in ensuring that their burger would be a masterpiece worthy of the title it aimed to achieve.

Ingredients and Logistics

Crafting a burger of such magnitude required meticulous planning and coordination. Sourcing the finest ingredients, arranging the logistics, and building the colossal cooking apparatus were all part of the monumental task.

The Art of Burger Making

Under the watchful eyes of food experts and judges, “Helly and Chilly” displayed their culinary finesse as they meticulously prepared the burger. Every step of the process was executed with precision and creativity, ensuring that the final result would be a treat for both the taste buds and the eyes.

Making History with the World’s Largest Named Burger

A Record-Breaking Day
As the 15th of July dawned in Brampton, Canada, excitement filled the air. The stage was set for “Helly and Chilly” to make history once again. Thousands of onlookers and fans gathered to witness this momentous occasion.

The Unveiling

The moment arrived when the giant burger was unveiled, bearing the names of its creators in bold letters. The sheer size and craftsmanship of the burger left spectators in awe, and it was evident that something extraordinary had been achieved.

Recognition and Celebration

Brampton Mayor Mr. Patrick Brown personally presented the world record to Mr. Devarshi Balakrishna Patel and Mr. Jainen Jigneshbhai Patel. The entire city joined in the celebration, honoring the remarkable achievements of “Helly and Chilly.”


The journey of “Helly and Chilly” is a testament to human creativity, perseverance, and the spirit of pushing boundaries. Their fourth world record in crafting the largest named burger is not only a moment of pride for India but for the entire world. Their achievements inspire us all to dream big and turn our aspirations into reality

How many world records have "Helly and Chilly" achieved so far?

“Helly and Chilly” have achieved four world records to date, each one more impressive than the last.

Who presented the world record to "Helly and Chilly"?

The world record was personally presented to “Helly and Chilly” by Brampton Mayor Mr. Patrick Brown.

What does "Helly and Chilly" plan to achieve next?

As of now, “Helly and Chilly” have not disclosed their next venture, but one can be sure it will be something remarkable and record-breaking.

What was the weight of the world's largest named burger they created?

The world’s largest named burger created by “Helly and Chilly” weighed an astounding 156 kilograms.

What is the significance of the burger they created?

The burger created by “Helly and Chilly” holds the world record for being the largest named burger ever crafted.

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