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5 reasons why you should use WTO

5 ReasonsWhen an Individual or a company needs to create a world records as a single person or as a group, they have a few options. They can do it with Standard Application; otherwise they can use Preferred Services, or call a Record Consultant.

The third choice is the one that offers the most benefits.

Here are five reasons why individuals and companies should use WTO record services.

1. The fastest record certification service in the world

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of speed in business. The fast track process is now an integral part of almost every business.

For your record application to run as smoothly as possible, it’s crucial to choose a service that’s both reliable and secure.

WTO provides these aspects as well as several other advantages over traditional record consultancy.

2. UNLIMITED World Records categories!

Creating a brand new world record is easy compare to breaking a record which already exits. WTO offers a wide range of world record categories; you want to make a record? Just make sure if does not already exits and you are good to go.

3. Free PR services for your world record!

WTO will provide you with an exclusive conversation with our writers, who will work closely with you to create an engaging and inspiring article. Including, professional photography, in our print media and on our global website.

Improve your brand authority by publishing press releases on our top-ranking media. Use your achievement to reach a wide audience.

4. First page of the publication of your new world record on our website!

Once, you get a world record certification from WTO you will be listed on our world record database as well as on our website records permanently.

A complete single page with photos, active links, videos and list of participants detailing your achievement!

So you will get a LIFETIME listing of your world record in the world’s largest database of world records!

5. On-site adjudication services!

When you attempt a record individually, in a group or with mass participation, one of the best ways to grab media attention and to enhance the sense of pride is to have official adjudicator to attend the event.

World Talent Organization will process application form and evidence requirement immediately. Detailed guidelines will be explained to you for desired outcomes.

You will get on spot verification of your record attempt success by the official Adjudicator.

Why should you choose Record Consultant Services

consultantOur organization is working for each and everyone where you can show your talent at the international level and our experts are ready to let you know detailed information if you have any problem regarding the procedure. You can check your application processing form with the help of our team, they are very cooperative; with the guidance of them, you can achieve your dream by demonstrating your skill at the world level. Before that, you must have an idea of several advantages:

  1. Service provided by an accountant: He will assist you in completing the application form, and give updates if required. After starting the procedure all your data will be maintained by the accountant, consequently, you do not have to become tense about it as whenever you need it subsequently your data will be returned in a good manner.
  2. Advice and tips from an expert: By means of expert you can accumulate knowledge about further steps that will fruitful to you for getting better outcomes and through them, you can solve you’re any doubts within a short period of time. With the help of tips, your work will be finished effectively, as a result, this will be not only helpful but also useful in your life to get an excellent achievement.
  3. Maximize your ROI: You do not have to worry about your investment as it will return in the higher profit. Our team will lead you in a perfect way and due to their suggestion, it will benevolent for you to receive the biggest amount of price.
  4. Daily updates about your record: Through these chances for your winning will escalate because all the information will fully be explained by our team on a daily basis which will benignant to finish your work. In view of your desirable record if you don’t get any update owing to technical glitch then you can call our experts anytime they are available for you to make sure about the new information.


  • Charges applied as per the requirement.





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