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Christine Perakis

Today, World Talent Organization shares about Christine Perakis an #Adventurer and #Entrepreneur, Christine Perakis, a Business Growth Architect who sails small and medium owner companies to accelerate their business to a notable growth from a scale of 0 to 8 figures relatively in a very short period in any sector and implementing different source of generating revenues ways and product lines including #Entertainment, #Technology, #Health, and #Fitness, Automobile Racing and Real Estate to build multi million dollars business through seminars, workshop, group coaching and one on one live session with clients from her 20 years long time experience.

From a thriving legal practitioner in the entertainment industry over a couple of years, Christine has been a part of a management team in different businesses, succeeding results beyond the expectations of all involved, as Chief Operating Officer (COO), taking her company from a 100% equity funded startup to a $10 million in a year business and in just 5 years doubling the revenue. Christine joins as Business/Executive success coach, Attorney, Chief Level Executive and an Entrepreneur in 10 different companies and professional by Speaker, Best Selling Author, Storm Warrior, Lawyer, 100 Ton Licensed Boat Captain, Graduate School Business Strategies Professor, a Partner, Trainer, Investor, Professional Rescuer, Former EMT, Certified Mountain Rescuer, World Champion Yacht Racer. Christine Perakis has navigated through endless discussions, meetings, and the turbulent open seas, working in numerous global enterprises, tycoons, business leaders and teams across five different continents successfully expanding business from scratch, securing millions in financing from every sector. She leveraged her skills, expertise and talents to create her bestselling book, “The Entrepreneur’s Essential Road map: A small business survival guide.” Among other things, she conducts regular seminars on content shaped from her book, serves as National Director – Business Coaching for the Federal Government Contracting Institute (FGCI), develops and oversees a team of elite business coaches across the United States, and promotes transitioning senior leaders in Media, Entertainment and Technology in Southern California.
Recently, Christine survived two catastrophic Category-5 hurricanes Irma and Maria one followed by other in two weeks, trapped in her home in the British Virgin Islands for almost 24 hours that wiped out her home, and her entire adopted island nation’s infrastructure, and surviving in the aftershock for months without electricity, water, and communication. She was completely cutoff from friends and family for many days. She shared the strategy of resilience and leadership that helped out, survive the storm in life and in business turning into a leadership program, “7 Leadership Tactics to Thrive in a Category 5 World”, in her talk, “Weathering the Storm — Thriving in a Category 5 World”.
Christine Perakis in her book “The Resilient Leader”, introduces the “7 Barometers of Resilience” that can help anyone weather the Category 5 situations in their lives and businesses, and to become invincible. For those who have never encountered any rough water, these 7 Barometers of Resilience will help them endure any storm in their life and in the business that applies to various situations that they have confronted in their businesses, occupations, capitals and relations. From her guiding principle she shares the portion of the situation with the audiences how can they face the approaching storm and fight like a warrior and be free. “The Empowering Storm – Becoming a Storm Warrior in Life and Business”, in her next book that is to be released shares what it took for her to find purpose and be of service in the most traumatic circumstances in businesses and lives.
Enjoying every challenges by establishing the solid cornerstone for growth, promoting a better solution for global distribution, emerging marketing and Public Relations campaigns, capturing media consideration, raising capitals for the private segment, and educating everyone to taste the success of modernization.
Christine is very much enthusiastic about developing and expanding businesses and leadership skills by creating millionaires from an endless pursuit of success.
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