Apply to set or break the record

Here you will find all the details of the process that assist you in setting or breaking the world record. We offer individuals and businesses a variety of application types-take a look at the choices below.

Record Consultant Services

We assign a consultant to each client based on their needs and market sector, ensuring continuity of approach and attention to details. The record consultant will help you in following ways-

  • You will get complete guidance for the application processing form and detailed guidelines to attempt the record.
  • Review your application and evidences immediately.
  • Invite a judge to your event.
  • To design customized solutions for record breaking campaign.
  • The Record Consultant will give you amazing ideas to break or attempt the Records.
  • Get the Advice from the expert by which you can maximum the result of your desired outcomes.
  • Charges applied as per the requirement.

Preferred Services

If you are planning to attempt the record individually/in a group /with few hundred people and require the record to be approved fast than Preferred Application Services is the solution for you.

  • Preferred Application get reviewed within 3 working days (from £500/$625 is applicable plus taxes applicable).
  • Preferred Evidence Review: Evidence gets reviewed within 3 working days.
  • Get your queries answered immediately.
  • Get complete guidance from Record Manager for processing Application form.
  • Ideal choice, if you have limited timeframe to hit the record.


Standard Application

If time is not constraint for you, and if you planning to attempt the record individually than Standard Application is the solution for you.

  • A self-service option for submitting Application form and evidence.
  • Application and evidence will review in 12 weeks/3 months.
  • Receive guidelines in 12 weeks.
  • A non-refundable Administration fees 7$ will be applied.
  • Not suitable if you are attempting in a group or want to promote a product or service.

Ideal choice when time is not pressuring you.


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