Adalia Rose


Adalia Rose


Texas, USA

World Amazing Talent

The Girl Who Ages Too Fast

Adalia Rose  born on December 10, 2006  in Austin, Texas, USA has racked up nearly 170 million views on YouTube of her funny videos showcasing her infectious personality on Youtube and more than 13 million followers on Facebook.

Adalia Rose’s disease is a very rare one and very few children suffer from it. Since her illness first came to light, Adalia caught the people’s eye on social media. Children with’ progeria’ are born healthy, and stay stable for the first 10 to 24 months of their life. They started to exhibit symptoms of aging at a very fast pace after this. They quickly carry on the feel of a really elderly male.

In Adalia’s situation, the same thing happened but that didn’t discourage her from being expressive about her condition. She has featured in many videos in which she speaks and behaves as though she is some ten year old. She loves her family and through the videos, she wants to tell people how she enjoys being with her family. She’s been featuring in videos endorsing the cause of seeking a cure for this disease. The proceeds from these videos are used to study the origins of this condition and to treat other children with’ progeria.’ She has more than 370,000 Twitter followers and more than 6 million Facebook fans.

She still has a smile on her face despite her distress and in her videos she tells viewers to love life as much as they can by disregarding the challenges that it can bring. Her positive approach to life has helped her make a special place for herself in the hearts of her fans who love her despite her unattractive look. As a very courageous girl, the way Adalia sings and dances in the face of perhaps the most insurmountable odds has made her famous.

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