Youngest Engineer at a $1 trillion company

Record Holder

Enoch Kumala (USA)

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Youngest Engineer at a $1 trillion company


Seattle, Washington (USA)


May 2019

Youngest Engineer at a $1 trillion company

Enoch Kumala is the world’s first youngest professional Record holder in Wall Street’s History. At a very small age of 7 he enrolled in the Community College of Denver and at 8 in the University of Colorado Denver. At the age of 12, he started studying Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Science on a full scholarship as a Promising Scholar and Provost Scholar at Georgia Institute of Technology and within 2 years he was admitted into Fast Track Master in Science (M.Sc.) program.

Information Internetworks & Intelligence was his main areas of specialization as an undergraduate with minor in The Computational Data Analytics which links the area of study with the mathematical and statistical circumstantial to develop and apply data analysis methods to real world data set. He started studying Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Graduate Program.

Within next year his experience grew across various segments from academics & industry, sectors ranging from educational services to investment banking, financial technology, cloud computing both domestic and international, private, and public dealt, from Main Street to Wall Street with activities ranging from developing a minimum viable product for a startup to the Artificial Intelligence division at an established (Big N) tech firm (FAANG) with more than a $1 trillion market capitalization.

Enoch Kumala, 14, on May 27, 2019, started working with Lazard – Atlanta, GA as a Software Engineer Intern as the youngest hire in 171 year history, creating the world record for the Youngest Wall Street Professional ever.

Lazard is an asset management and financial advisory firm that engages in investment banking, asset management, and other financial services primarily with corporate clients. Lazard is the world’s largest independent investment bank with principal executive offices in New York City, Paris, and London.

He worked on projects that implement predictive technologies such as data science, and artificial intelligence to assist corporate clients in investment banking activities such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, shareholder advisory, and corporate preparedness.

Enoch Kumala worked within the Data Analytics Groups with the key responsibility of designing, building, testing and maintaining large scale applications and develop products. Enoch also worked jointly with Data scientists, Investment bankers and senior management across the firm.

From May 2020 – Jul 2020, he started Internship with Amazon as Software Development Engineer (Amazon AI in Translate) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Seattle, WA at an age of 15 and was the youngest Engineer in the history of the company. Working closely with the developers on Amazon Translate within AWS was a neural machine translation service that delivers fast, the best quality and affordable language translation. The main purpose was to allow client to localize any form of text, and immediately parse the information regardless of how huge the data it maybe.

He accomplished many achievements and participated in more than 75 different projects which is impossible for anyone to compete at this age.



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