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Most Tyer Passes Acros the Somach in One Minute




9 May,2023

Most Tyer Passes Acros the Somach in One Minute by Parv Shah

In a stunning feat of physical dexterity, six-year-old Parv Shah Surat has set a world record for the most tyre passes across the stomach in one minute. This remarkable achievement was certified by the World Talent Organization USA, solidifying Parv’s place in history as one of the youngest individuals to hold a world record.

Parv Shah Surat’s incredible accomplishment is a testament to his dedication, determination, and hard work. To achieve this record, he spent countless hours training and perfecting his technique, which involved placing a tyre across his stomach and quickly passing it back and forth using his hands and feet.

The record-breaking attempt took place in Surat, India, in front of a panel of judges who monitored the entire process to ensure that all rules and guidelines were followed. Parv’s incredible speed and precision stunned everyone in attendance, and his achievement has since garnered widespread attention and praise from around the world.

This world record is an inspiration to all individuals, young and old, who have a dream and the determination to pursue it. Parv Shah Surat has demonstrated that with hard work, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, anything is possible.

Congratulations to Parv Shah Surat on this historic achievement, and we look forward to seeing what he accomplishes next in his remarkable journey.


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