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Greta Thunberg


Stockholm, Sweden

She is a 17 year old born in Stockholm, Sweden. Greta’ s mother Malena Ernman, is an opera singer and former contestant in the Eurovision Song Contest. Her father Svante Thunberg is an actor and is a descendant of the scientist who developed a greenhouse effect model, Svante Arrhenius. He won Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1903.

 In May 2018, at the age of 15, Greta won a competition for essays on climate change in a local newspaper. . Three months later, she began protesting in August before the Swedish parliament building, pledging that she would continue until the Swedish government met the 2015 target of carbon emissions agreed in Paris by world leaders. She kept a sign reading “Climate Strike School” and regularly began missing lessons on Fridays to strike, urging students from across the globe to join her. As support for her cause grew and other strikes all over the world, with the hashtag # FridaysforFuture, began. her protests became viral on social media.

More than 20,000 students from Australia, United Kingdom, Belgium,  U.S. and Japan joined her by December 2018 . The teenager took school off all through 2019 to continue campaigning, participating in key climate conferences, and participating in student protests all over the world, and went on to join in strikes around Europe, choosing to train to limit the impact on the environment.

She refused to fly because of environmental effect for a UN climate conference in New York in September 2019.To travel she made her way on racing yacht, journey has taken two weeks. As she arrived,millions of people around the world took part in a climate strike underlining the scale of her influence

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